Elementary Fundraiser

Teacher Tour 2018:

Finally, our big fundraiser for the year – help bring the Teacher Tour 2018 to Depew Elementary!!! Over the last few years, Mr. Larremore has challenged the students, parents and community to help raise money for our school through various promotions – duct taped to the gym wall, eating a worm and last year’s night on the roof.  Well, this year we wanted to include the entire Depew Elementary staff and have come up with the following challenge:

Would you like to see your favorite teacher, principal, aide, secretary, custodian or cafeteria lady perform a variety of entertaining songs, dances, skits and an amazing finale? Would you like to watch a live variety show starring your own Depew Elementary staff?

Here’s how you can make it all happen.  Beginning on September 4th and going through November 14th, bring your donations to the Elementary Office or send them to your child’s teacher.  Please feel free to reach out to any businesses or friends that you feel would love to help support our students as well – all donations are welcome! Then on November 16, 2018, the staff at Depew Elementary will entertain our students and parents for one afternoon.  The number of performances will be determined on the amount of money donated to our Accelerated Reader Program and school library:

- $1000 earns a live performance of a genuine staff lip sync - costumes included.

- $1500 earns the staff lip sync and a carefully choreographed dance performance by our very own talented elementary staff with all the latest dance moves.

- $2000 earns the staff lip sync, carefully choreographed dance, and a “Miniature” Thanksgiving Dinner Skit featuring our very own performing Kitchen Ladies!

- $2500 earns it all – everything listed above plus an amazing Christmas themed FINALE starring our own Hollywood superstar – Mr. Jake Watkins and others!!!

Please help support our staff on this amazing and fun event – all proceeds go directly to your child’s education!

Again, on behalf of the staff and myself, thanks for all your patience and support throughout this construction phase!